Fresh unique designs, comfort & practicality
There is a world of difference between Berlin and, say, New York but for the modern woman, having a bag that will be comfortable, reliable and work anywhere in the world makes a world of difference. We believe in the modern woman: comfortable in her own skin, active and busy. Our brand is about fresh, unique designs, comfort and practicality, to support the women of the 21st century in the increasing pace and diversities of today's world. There's clearly a strong element of practicality in our bags with our customized extra-wide zippers, the clip-on features inside and outside, the carefully thought out sizes and shapes.
Pink inner lining
We constantly strive to create something understated; something feminine without being fussy or ‘girly‘. This is why we place an allegedly surprising amount of emphasis on the inside of the bags applying our pink coloured inner lining to all of our products - our trademark. This way we could add a subtly powerful feminine element, a hidden decadence she can quietly relish while maintaining a sophisticated exterior.
Design characteristics
Our signature pieces include a customized extra wide 15 millimeter black nylon zipper. A piece with attitude! This athletic-inspired element clearly contributes to our designing goals to mix fashion and functionality. Our XL zipper is bigger than a trend: It´s unique, casual & cool! Aside form the aesthetical aspect, this particular zip encloses everything securely. These bags will last and age well as a good bag should. A woman must be able to rely on her bag, this is where she carries her passport, car keys, lipstick and diary. Her identity, her independence, her style and life is carried in and embodied by her bag.
Philosophy & production
Rosenstaub has always fought to keep production in Germany. This years "Made In Berlin" collection is an exclusive selection of truly handmade bags that took weeks and months and several additional nightshifts to finish. More than 14.000 stitches were necessary to complete one bag alone. The craftsmen did everything by hand; from the stitching and cutting to folding and trimming.

As opposed to general practice among many other fashion brands, we are using our own customized mat black accessories - from rivets to clip hooks - that have been produced by German toolmakers on our special request. These accessories are of outstanding long-lasting quality and are an integral part of our design concept.

We will always remain vigilant on making our bags with well-researched materials, traditional craftsmanship and a global inspiration.

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