1. Handmade In Frankfurt

    2. Width 34 cm, Depth 22 cm, Height 22 cm

    3. High-quality robust and durable neoprene

    4. Black Italian leather carrying handles

    5. Adjustable shoulder strap
      (detachable with carabiner clip-hook)

    6. Water resistant pink canvas inner lining

    7. 15 mm extra-wide black zipper

  • If Rihanna were to wear one of our bags, this would be it! As unlikely as this may seem, we hope to be proven wrong sometime in the future. We believe it is safe to argue that the Caribbean superstar has a soft spot for camouflage designs, not to say a fan. Mind you camouflage prints are illegal in Barbados, where Rihanna is from and to where she returns time and again. But this restless and highly coveted singer doesn’t just hang out in one place. There must undoubtedly be plenty of opportunities to have her Rosenstaub Neoprene Bag lend her the comfort and reliability a strong and independent woman deserves. Be that in New York, Los Angeles, Paris or during her travels from one of these places to another or even when touring around the globe and gracing us with her presence.

    The Neoprene Camouflage Bag is our homage to Badgal Riri who inspired us to settle for nothing but our best when developing this neoprene bag which has since become the backbone of the Rosenstaub brand. Every rivet, every thread and stitch has carefully been thought over and over again before we felt confident enough that we had done absolutely everything to make this bag a masterpiece.

    It took highly skilled craftswomen in our Frankfurt manufactory long hours and years of experience to elegantly sew together carefully selected materials and turn them into what it is today: An out of this world handbag. A 1.7 mm neoprene core is the heart of this carry-all. But to make a bag that can carry large weights without compromising its shape, you need much more than just „foam“. We have added a secondary layer of foam, invisible to its owner, to help support the form of the body. That additional layer of foam also acts as a cushion to give the quilted pattern its elegant volume. These two layers are complemented by another reinforcing material which is similar to truck plane. This so-called sandwich construction is the reason this handbag is so durable and robust despite its stylish and elegant looks. The Italian-leather handles incorporate a secret reinforcing material to be on the safe side should your athletic 200 lbs boyfriend decide to do pull ups on this handbag. Is this a likely scenario? Honestly, we don’t think so. But you know us Germans and we are known for building things that last a thousand years or more.

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