Winter is coming but you needn't feel downhearted. Consider the dipping temperatures and strengthening winds your opportunity to invest in cosy wool pieces that will make cold-weather dressing a pleasure. And the one item that can help you differentiate your winter look from last year's and the years before, is a new scarf.
And contrary to common belief: Size does matter! Our super-chunky knit scarves are 220cm long or 7ft 3" if you are more familiar with US scales. That should be plenty to wrap it several times around your neck. 
But not only have we made sure this scarf is long and wide enough to keep you cosy even in the most adverse of conditions. We also handpicked this superfine wool which is a combination of Italian Alpaca and Virgin Wool. It is exclusive, rare and costly to produce. So you won't find many scarves of such fine quality in our price range. 
The pink ends cater for an unmistakable design in liaison with the pink inner lining we use in all of our bag ranges. Our trademark! This newest addition to our collection plays in its own league and we felt it was appropriate to give the baby its very own name: Pleas welcome the "Pink Tip Scarves".


  • Length ca. 220 cm, width ca. 30 cm
  • 85% Alpaca superfine, 15% Virgin Wool

Caring Instructions:

  • Wash by hand in lukewarm water. You can use a wool detergent if you desire.
  • Do not machine wash or dry clean.

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