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SURVIVAL KIT - Camouflage

The idea occured to our founder, Claudia during her annual recurrent training as flight attendant (her other job) during which the crew practice dealing with emergency equipment in emergency situations. The thought Claudia took home was: What does a woman need in case of an unplanned „emergency landing“? And this is what turned out. We selected our partners and their products very carfefully to put together a really bad-ass kit. And this is what it includes:


  • Length 23 cm, Height 12 cm
  • Neoprene, camouflage print
  • Pink inner lining, durable water repellant canvas
  • Black zipper
  • Made in Germany

The ultimate advantage of the Survival Kit is that you are prepared for all eventualities without having to think of what to pack. You could go out with your girls at night and happen to pop into the guy of your dreams. There’s a part of you that would like to go with him at the end of the night, however, if you have nothing on you to look decent again the next morning, you might back off. Now with our Survival Kit in your handbag or the back of your car, you are prepared for all possibilities should they arise. This might also be the case if you are a hard working woman and your meeting lasts all night.
All of these are included

  • Argan Oil & Amaranth Anti-Wrinkle Care Night - 10 gr. | Dr. Scheller
  • Eyeshadow Fairytale Rose | Sans Soucis
  • Blackwood Charcoal-Mint Toothpaste - 15 ml | Splat
    You can restock your Kit with more of this exclusive toothpaste at the smilestore
  • Bamboo Toothbrush | Envirano
  • Mascara All-In-One 3D | Sans Soucis
  • Lip Balm vegan & fair - 7 gr. | Hydrophil
  • Kondome vegan & fair - 3 stk. | Fair-Squared
  • U by Camelia Tampons normal - 16 stk. | Kimberly-Clark
  • Cottonelle Wet Wipes - 12 pcs. | Kimberly-Clark
  • Kleenex Marque Collection - 1 pack | Kimberly-Clark
  • Hair Tie | Zauberhaft Schmuckwerkstatt
  • Makeup Mirror
  • Shaver
The Partners
We’ve teamed up with some well established global players like Splat, Sans Soucis or Kimberly-Clark, as well as some German startups who focus on fair-trade production and ingredients. Together with those partners we were able to fill our neoprene pouch with top notch beauty products.

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