Having grown up as the daughter of hard-working immigrants from Croatia, Claudia developed a strong sense of independence and self-responsibility from an early age. The boundaries of the rural town in which she grew up soon became too narrow for Claudia, leading to her leaving home and setting off for the city when she was only 16. Claudia studied hotel management during which she developed her passion for cooking and barkeeping. At age 21 Claudia became Germany’s youngest face in gastronomy opening her own cocktailbar „Windows“ in Mannheim in the early 90ies when cocktails were on the rise. Years later, Claudia went on to seeking new horizons by pursuing her ever-present desire to travel the world by joining an airline as flight attendant. Claudia has a weakness for dry, heavy redwines. She loves Ibiza and to spoil friends and family with her second to none cooking skills.



Loves kitesurfing as much as he loves to be at the controls of anything that flies - from single seat propeller planes to Boeing jets. Tim grew up as the son of an airline pilot and had no greater desire than to follow in the footsteps of his father. Having accomplished his dream and living it to this day, Tim grew a new desire to joining Rosenstaub and building a brand that produces something fun, stylish and practical of highest possible quality and carefully selected materials. Tim is also a coffee enthusiast and has attended several barista classes. Another bonus of having him on our team because he serves us world class coffee every morning.



Rosenstaub is a brand that was sparked out of a family tradition that was strong through the 19th-20th centuries; crochet. Claudia had begun to design crochet bags in 2005 as a project with her mother to pay homage to this time honored craft by giving it a place in the world of the modern woman. As a cottage industry crochet was a skill women used to make money when they were powerless to have their own and it was a source of strength for Claudia's mother. Claudia felt determined to continue this project to pay homage to her mother’s quiet strength and the passion they shared for designing, creating and… well… life. 



Our journey has gradually evolved and taken us from crochet to neoprene because we have decided to bring the busy, fun, independent, strong, adventurous women of the world what they need here and now.

Spending our days, on planes and tropical beaches, in airports, cosmopolitan coffee shops, or the crowded streets of the world’s biggest cities, we realized that all over the world women having seized independence with the grace and strength they have always held, are living lives at such pace and with such adventurous passion. Women of the 21st century need more than aesthetics. These are women who play hard, train hard, work hard, who travel and explore. Rosenstaub believes that these women need a very particular kind of bag. Our designs cater to the busy, individual and adventurous international women of our century.



We know there is a world of difference between Berlin and New York, Sao Paulo… but our clean, classic designs are shaken up by an edgy choice of materials and unapologetically bold color hold their own anywhere in the world. 

But this is not enough. Our materials and designs hold a second set of properties: practicality, reliability and adaptability. This is our defining feature. This is what today’s women need: A bag for all climates, activities, geographies and cultures.

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